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Dr. Yolanda Ragland DPM: Queen of Toes

Dr. Yolanda Ragland, DPM
Queen of Toes

Fix Your Fungal Nail Story

When Dr. Yolanda Ragland educates her patients, she pointedly explains, “There are two types of people; those who get [foot] fungal infection and those who don’t. If you are susceptible to fungal infections, the only way to keep them under control is to use topical antifungals faithfully.” A fungus survives and thrives by multiplying its spores. When someone susceptible to fungal infection puts their feet in a dark and moist environment, the spore will germinate into fungus, causing nails to become thick, discolored, and embarrassing in appearance. Dr. Ragland’s “Fix Your Fungal Nail” is a tested formula proven to eradicate fungus and restore your nails’ health and appearance.

Fix Your Fungal Nail

How Results Happen

  1. Within the first several weeks of application, the toenail and/or fingernail will show a clear border between the discolored and normal portion where the new nail is growing out.
  2. In the next several weeks, the nail’s discolored portion will get thinner and begin to crumble. At about the same time, or soon after that, the discolored nail may start to show dark streaks.
  3. Over the next several months, the nail will appear clearer and clearer as a normal healthy nail grows out to replace the discolored nail. The length of time this process takes is a function of how the nail grows.

It is recommended that Fix Your Fungal Nail be applied twice a week for one year after complete clearing has occurred. Please be aware that it may take several vials of Fix Your Fungal Nail to achieve the desired result. The amount needed depends on the rate of nail growth, which varies inversely with age.

Treat yourself to comfortable, well-fitting shoes—ones that are too narrow or short traumatize the toenails and prevent healthy, beautiful nails from growing properly.

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Fix Your Fungal Nail Product

Directions: For best results, begin by cutting off as much of the infected nail as possible. Rinsing and cleaning the affected area is recommended before applying the solution. Using the brush, wipe solution against the vial’s edge and apply it on all ten nails and the exposed nail bed twice daily. Wait 10 minutes before wiping nails or putting on socks. To ensure the fungus does not spread to unaffected nails, apply the solution to all toenails. Shake well before using.

Note: This product contains a formula that penetrates the nail bed but is not proven to penetrate nail polish. An average three-month supply intended for daily use, twice per day, is included.

Warning: For external use only, use as directed. Avoid contact with eyes or mouth. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation. Do not use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Stop use and consult your doctor if rash or other allergic reactions or skin irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact your local poison control center right away.

Side effects: There are no known side effects.

Shelf-life: Store below 85ºF and discard after expiration date. Keep away from sunlight. Avoid excessive heat. Single-use solution in a multiple-use container. NONPYROGENIC fluid.

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Dr. Yolanda Ragland DPM: Queen of Toes

Dr. Yolanda Ragland, DPM
Queen of Toes

Do you require an expert consultation for your fungal nails or sore feet problems or more advanced surgical solutions for bothersome forefoot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes? You can walk this way to the finish line with the expert arsenal of solutions provided by “Fix Your Feet.” While most Podiatric and Orthopedic surgeons often rely on remedial foot surgical procedures without the necessary aesthetic appeal, Dr. Ragland never makes such an unsightly substitution, thanks to her dedicated dermatology background. Instead, she is the brainchild of the Tiara-ToeTM technique and is committed to satisfying her modern patients' concerns for relief with a fabulous-foot outcome. Her revolutionary Tiara-ToeTM technique is a Pedi-Plastic approach that yields comfort with cosmetically appealing results. Dr. Ragland's mantra speaks for itself: “providing medically necessary surgery with cosmetic results.'” In the wake of COVID-19, Dr. Ragland was inspired to create her more-than-ever essential Fix Your Feet product line! Now you can pamper your fungal nail and other foot problems with easy applications of Fix Your Feet products in the privacy of your home!

Alt Journal: 25 Influential Black Women in Business Awards

25 Influential Black Women in Business Awards

Award Winning Practice

Award Winning Practice

Top Doctor in NYC and DC

Top Doctor in NYC and DC

5 Stars - Patient Awarded Doctor

5 Stars - Patient Awarded Doctor

In addition to her many services, Dr. Ragland offers comprehensive evaluations aimed at educating her patients on the best surgical procedure relative to their specific condition(s). It is her conviction that patients should be more informed and involved in order to make the necessary decisions with regards to obtaining the best recommendations while in pursuit of corrective foot surgery for bunions, hammertoes, cosmetic foot surgery and other forefoot disorders. In fact, her tagline says it all, “I know what it's like to walk in your shoes”.

Dr. Ragland is a qualified, topnotch PODIATRIST and FOOT surgeon with the following certifications, awards and appraisals:

  • CEO & Founder of Fix Your Feet®, Inc.
  • Over 20 years of medical experience
  • Practices on Park Ave in Manhattan, NY and the Washington Metropolitan area
    in Downtown Bowie, MD
  • Five-year Dermatology Fellow at the National Institutes of Health
  • Member of the American Society of Foot and Ankle Dermatology
  • Attending Surgeon at Gramercy Surgery Center, New York, NY
  • Attending Surgeon at Midtown Surgery Center, New York, NY
  • Honored by The Network Journal Among its Top 25 Influential Black Women in Business
  • Yolanda Ragland, DPM, Maryland Promise Scholarship

As a graduate of the University of Maryland and the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Ragland has preferred to situate her practice in Bowie, MD, and New York City, where she also resides. Her patients travel to NYC during the weekday or Washington, DC, where she sees patients one Saturday monthly and performs surgeries on the following Mondays. To see Dr. Ragland’s before and after results, click here.