12 Reasons You Have Itchy Feet—and What to Do About It


“‘Fungus is able to grow and thrive in dark, moist areas, which is why it’s able to grow so well on our feet...Athlete’s foot can also lead to itchy blisters on the feet and cracked, peeling skin,’ Dr. Ragland says. ‘Secondary bacterial infections can also occur from scratching the itchy area.’”

“‘In our society, we bathe too much and too long, often with hot showers, without properly moisturizing the skin, which dries it out,” says Dr. Ragland. ‘Dry skin on your feet can also be something you inherit from your parents, or it can be due to certain medical conditions and medications, as well… If your itchy feet are caused by dry skin, you'll noticed flaky, scale-like areas, as well as cracks in the skin,’ Dr. Ragland says. ‘On darker complexions, dry skin can look white or ashy.”

“A few preventive measures for dry, itchy feet? ‘Every day, use a good moisturizer for your feet, especially the bottom of your feet,’ Dr. Ragland says. ‘For very dry skin, use moisturizer while your feet are still wet, as it helps to lock in the moisture.’”

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