Well+Good: How to Banish *All* the Foot Problems—Here’s Your Guide to Best Advice”

Photo: Stocksy/Marco Govel

“Dr. Ragland shares intel on some of the most common issues with which patients step into their practices, including remedies so you no longer have to run away when someone asks you to go sans shoes!”

“Certain people are, however, more at risk than others. ‘There are two types of people when it comes to contracting athlete’s foot,’ explains Dr. Ragland. ‘People who are susceptible to developing the infection, and those who are not.’ In other words, if you have been a sufferer of athlete’s Foot in the past, it's likely the fungus will recur in the future.”

“Prevention is key. ‘Wearing clean, wick-absorbing socks, or footies, helps to discourage fungal growth,’ says Dr. Ragland. ‘Using anti-fungal creams, gels, sprays, or powders, daily, will also significantly reduce repeat-infection rate.’"

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